Kunduz Work From Home For Fresher 2023 Eligibility, Apply Online

By | May 11, 2023

Kunduz Job Program

If you are looking for a work-from-home job then this article is for you. Today we are talking about the part-time work-from-home job which is issued by Kunduz. It is a Work From Home For Fresher 2023 job. On this platform, you can earn a good income only in 3 to 4 hours of working. This job is helpful for teachers as well as freshers and housewives who have an interest in this kind of job. There is no need for specific qualifications for the job and no restrictions you can work here on your mobile without any computer or laptop.

kunduz Work From Home For Fresher 2022

You have to work  on an application that is verified by the Play Store and is free to install there is no need to pay for this application

Types of Work:

You have to answer some questions for specific subjects such as organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physics, and maths.

SAQ (Students Asked Questions)

Working Process of this Job

With the Kunduz Work From Home For Fresher job you have to solve answers to the given question for example in maths you have to take a page and solve the questions and write it on the page according to the formula of after solving you have to click the picture by the camera and upload it on the app we can solve other subject problems as well.

You can earn 20-150 rupees per question according to the size of the question accordingly and you can withdraw this amount easily to your bank account directly from the application.

This is the process for Kunduz Work From Home For Fresher 2023 to earn money

Registration Process for Kunduz WFH Job

  • You have to install the app.
  • Candidates must sign up for this application
  • Submit your mobile number
  • Enter a 4-digit OTP number.
  • Enter your full name with your surname.
  • Choose your subject (only one).
  • Enter your email ID and verify it.

Roles and Responsibility

There are 6 rules for working in Kunduz:

  • The question is solved by the exact formula not directly.
  • Good handwriting.
  • Good Picture quality.
  • The explanation will be given step by step. (easy to understand for students)
  • Correct solution (no copy-paste).

Moreover, this is the way you can a good income from the part-time job for this application by solving the questions of a specific subject by solving and uploading the answers to the given questions.

Application Process
  • Click on the button apply now below
  • After that, it will redirect you to the Play Store for installing the application.
  • This is the process of application for Kunduz Work From Home For Fresher 2023.

Apply Now

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