upGrad Vidya Shakti Scholarship 2024 Application Form, Benefits

By | January 16, 2024

upGrad Vidya Scholarship

Unlock the boundless possibilities that lie ahead with the upGrad Vidya Shakti Scholarship 2024, proudly presented by the esteemed EdTech platform, upGrad. This exceptional scholarship serves as a symbol of empowerment. It is crafted for women with a keen desire to navigate the realms of knowledge and career progression. Set forth on a rewarding educational journey as you immerse yourself in the captivating domains of digital marketing and data science.

upGrade Vidya Shakti Scholarship

This Vidya Shakti Scholarship is an effort to make equal learning opportunities for women who want to complete their dreams and make a better future. The main aim of the scholarship is to offer tribal women learner education, women from the armed forces and police force, female NGO workers, police personnel, female ward of Defence, and female journalist across Tier 2 and lower cities along with blue-collared women candidate across Bharat.

Key highlights Officer Scholarship:

Conducted by   upGrad
Name of the scholarship  upGrad Vidya Shakti Scholarship
Aim of this scholarship  To increase women’s pursue learning and employment opportunities  
Benefits scholarship  100% Vidya Shakti scholarship  
Eligibility of scholarshipOnly for female applicants

Objectives of the Scholarship

The main objective of Vidya Shakti Scholarship 2024 is basically to provide employment opportunities for women and increase women’s empowerment as well as gender equality for their economic independence.

Benefits of upGrad Vidya Shakti Scholarship

  • With this scholarship, women get opportunities to easily pursue higher education and upgrade their skills for their dream jobs.
  • This scholarship will support India’s women learners with the best education way by launching a 100% Vidya Shakti scholarship.
  • Women also get offers of upgrade programs across digital marketing and data science with the best mentorship. Also coaching support at zero cost the ratio of mentorship and coaching is 1:1.
  • This scholarship is to support women learners with the skills which are set for the job and subject knowledge will also provide women employees across the country.
  • This scholarship is a bridge to fill the gap between the skills that we can have and their respiration, what she wants to become in the future.
  • The girls who need jobs, and will be able to get the jobs they aspire to.

Eligibility of Scholarship

  • The applicant must be female.
  • Pan-Indian females can apply.
  • Tribal women, police force, armed force, female journalists, female NGO workers, female ward of Defence. Also police personnel along with blue-collared female candidates across Bharat are eligible for this scholarship
Application Process
  • Click on the button below to “Apply Now“.
  • Visit the official website of Vidya Shakti.
  • Enter your details in the online application form carefully and correctly.
  • Upload relevant documents
  • Click on the “Submit” button for the completion of the application process.

If you have any queries related to upGrad Vidya Shakti Scholarship 2024, kindly ask in the comment section.

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